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We have the largest database of buyers for landscaping companies in the industry. We have 500+ institutional (Private Equity, Venture Capital, etc.) and 10,000+ accredited investors. Request a free business valuation now to see how much we could sell your landscaping business for!

Can’t say enough good things about my experience working with Vlad and his team. Everything happened exactly as promised and I’m very satisfied with the outcome. Thanks to The Friendly Brokers I can now retire happily.

Tatiana T. from North Creek Reno

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500+ Institutional Buyers      |      10,000+ Accredited Investors      |       90% Success Rate

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Whether you’re ready to sell your business today or planning for the future, you need the right advisor. With hundreds of successful transactions under our belt and dozens of transactions in the electrical industry, The Friendly Brokers is the best M&A advisory firm for service companies.

What we charge

We operate on a no-upfront-fee basis, meaning you won’t encounter any charges until we successfully sell your business for your desired asking price. Our philosophy revolves around delivering more value than we receive in commission, with the aim of our services paying for themselves rather than burdening you with costs. From readying your business for sale to robust marketing strategies and skilful negotiation tactics, the impact of a proficient business broker can be substantial.

Following the transaction’s conclusion, we implement a Double Lehman formula commission structure. This structure entails a commission of 10% on the 1st million, 8% on the 2nd million, 6% on the 3rd million, 4% on the 4th million, and 2% on any sum exceeding $5 million.

Your payment is contingent upon the final sale price of your business, which we diligently strive to maximize. We recommend initiating the process with a comprehensive business valuation to gain insights into the charges associated with selling your business.

Business Valuation

The Friendly Brokers offers free business valuation to companies with revenues between $3 million and $50 million or EBITDA greater than $500,000.

Initiate the journey of preparing your business for sale by obtaining a confidential business valuation from The Friendly Brokers. Allow us to assist you in uncovering your company’s worth and devising strategies to enhance its value. Our business valuations come at zero cost to you and provide insights into what your most probable selling price is, identifying your company’s strengths and weaknesses together and areas of potential growth.

The most probably selling price will be based on our own proprietary methodology that is based on hundreds of past transactions we’ve been involved in, hundreds of institutional and individual buyers that we have in our database and that we know exactly what they’re comfortable paying for a company with your profile, and on current market conditions and industry multiples.

Our Sale Process

Partnering with The Friendly Brokers ensures you’ll benefit from intimate, personalized support that can significantly influence the outcome of your transaction. You’ll receive the level of expertise typical of seasoned professionals, coupled with a drive for success that only comes from firsthand experience in building and nurturing a business.

Step One: Business Evaluation

The initial phase entails determining your business’s worth. Whether you’re currently contemplating a sale or not, this step provides a solid foundation for future deliberations.

Step Two: Decision-making

Upon reviewing your business’s valuation with your broker, you must make a decision. You may opt to continue operating the business until you’re ready to sell or proceed to sign a listing agreement, initiating the selling process.

Step Three: Listing for Sale

If you decide to sell the business, we will put together all marketing materials and distribute them to our large network of HVAC business buyers, perhaps the largest network of institutional and individual buyers in North America.

Buyers Pool

One of the things that sets us apart from other business brokers is that we specialize in brokering HVAC company transactions. As a result, we have thousands of buyers in our database that are actively purchasing HVAC companies. As soon as we list your company for sale and distribute it to our network, we typically start receiving offers within 1-2 weeks.

Our network has institutional buyers that, combined, purchase hundreds of HVAC companies every year. We work with all the largest buyers in the HVAC industry. Some of our buyers have $1B+ available to spend on HVAC companies acquisitions.

Client Testimonials

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Schedule a call with us so you can get a free valuation to know what your business is worth:

  • Get an accurate valuation of your business that is based on a methodology that uses hundreds of past transactions in your industry
  • You won’t have to pay us anything until your business is sold
  • We have the largest database of institutional and individual buyers of service companies

  • We have helped 100s of service companies exit for top dollar

  • We have a 90%+ success rate in selling businesses we list
  • We build a custom, secure, and modern marketing package for your business that buyers love.
  • Brokerage firms often operate with a veil of secrecy. At The Friendly Brokers, we are very transparent about our fees, process, and valuation methodology and provide periodic updates throughout the entire process.